The Project


The Trends in Ecosystem Services (TeSE) initiative was created in 2013 to develop strategies and tools for business management of impacts, dependencies, risks and opportunities related to ecosystem services. More specifically, the initiative seeks to contribute to the MRV of ecosystem services, i.e.: measurement (in physical and monetary dimensions), reporting and verification.

In this context, the TeSE initiative develops simplified, low-cost and easily accessible data-based methods, generating information that supports project analysis, performance indicators and that is robust enough to support business decision-making in general.

Why participate?

| By being part of this initiative, the organization will improve its ability to:

| Understand and assess its socio-environmental externalities

| Incorporate its ecosystem service dependencies and impacts into business decisions

| Develop strategies to reduce risks and explore opportunities related to ecosystem services

| Make the importance of biodiversity more tangible for business

| Adopt best practices in their business by sharing experiences with other companies