TeSE Previous Cycles


2016 Cycle

In 2016, starting from the training of companies in the Corporate Guidelines for Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Services (Devese) and workshops on business management of these services, TeSE engaged in the dissemination and training in the concept of ecosystem services with Brazilian companies, supporting them also in the development and reporting of ecosystem services valuation projects. This year, in line with the other Business Initiatives of the Center for Sustainability Studies of FGV-EAESP (GVces), TeSE focused specifically on ecosystem services associated with water resources, in order to support business management of this type of resource.

In addition, as a follow-up to the co-construction of the Corporate Guidelines for Cultural Ecosystem Services, TeSE supported in 2016 one pilot projects to implement these guidelines.


2015 Cycle

Continuing its effort to extend the scope of the Corporate Guidelines for Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Services (Devese, its Portuguese acronym), which has been built in the previous cycles, in 2015 TeSE made efforts with its member companies to develop a general method for economic valuation of provision ecosystem services and a method for non-economic valuation of cultural ecosystem services.


2014 Cycle

In 2014, the TeSE initiative reviewed and complemented the corporate guidelines developed in the 2013 cycle for the economic valuation of six ecosystem services (water quantity, water quality, wastewater assimilation, global climate regulation, recreation and tourism, and biomass fuel), including two other ecosystem services (pollination regulation and soil erosion regulation). In addition, the initiative has evolved in the construction of guidelines for reporting environmental externalities and has supported member companies in the development of pilot projects to test the applicability of the corporate guidelines drawn up in 2013.