Ecosystem Services Valuation


Due to increasing scarcity of natural resources, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to understand and dimension the importance of natural capital, in particular of ecosystem services, for their business and also for society.

Despite the importance of the various value dimensions of natural capital, such as its intrinsic value (value that is independent of utility) and its ecological value (value related to the integrity and resilience of ecosystems), economic valuation appears as a valuable aid for decision making on how to internalize the results. This is because this dimension value is related to the usefulness and wellbeing, which makes it easy to be measured.

Considering the importance of economic valuation to assist the consideration of ecosystem services in decision making process, TeSE specifically aims to reach the MRV for ecosystem services, i.e. the Measurement (quantitation), Reporting and Verification.

In the field of measurement, TeSE, in its first cycle of activities (2013) put forward in building support to business management tools for valuing their vulnerabilities and impacts on natural capital. Thus, the first version of Corporate Guidelines for Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Services (DEVESE) was developed with support from The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and Conservation International (CI-Brazil).

In the 2014 cycle, TeSE advanced even more in the field of measurement by improving the DEVESE, which resulted in its 2.0 version. This new version includes two new ecosystem services in relation to the previous year, totaling eight services (water quantity; water quality; wastewater assimilation; biomass fuel; global climate regulation; recreation and tourism; pollination; and soil erosion) and also comes with a calculation tool. In addition, TeSE also advanced to the field of report, creating the Business Guidelines for Reporting of Environmental Externalities (DEREA).

Thus, TeSE has been increasingly advancing in the process of developing strategies and tools for the business management of impacts, dependencies, risks and opportunities related to ecosystem services.



Business Guidelines for Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Services (DEVESE 2.0)

DEVESE 2.0 Calculation Tool

Business Guidelines for Reporting of Environmental Externalities (DEREA)